About Us

Executive Summary

The institute has been initiated to address alcoholism and drug abuse, cutting across all age groups. In the present day era, unemployment and financial constraints are major issues as per United Nations figures with an estimation of 87% of the world population living below the dollar per day. This further demonstrates poverty, hunger, lack of education, maternal mortality and unemployment have a greater significance and impact.

While the government has made strides to provide access to education there is a huge gap when it comes to equal access to employment opportunities. Therefore due to high unemployment, many people turn to alcoholism and drug abuse, robbery, and gang violence, among others vices. At St Nicholas Rehabilitation Center and Nursing Home, we have recognized the need to help the community counter drug addiction through quality rehabilitation services. The institution will provide other important services such as guidance and counseling, training on employability skills, and pitch opportunities within and outside the country.


To lead in the fight against alcoholism and drug abuse through prevention treatment, rehabilitation, and offering training on employability skills as a follow up to the affected adults and youths.


A society free from alcohol and drug abuse trained in employability skills.

Core Values


  1. To rehabilitate adults and youth addicted to alcohol and drug abuse.
  2. To educate the youth and adults on alcohol and drug abuse to prevent more culprits.
  3. To guide and counsel youth on alcoholism and drug abuse.
  4. To create a society free from alcohol and drug abuse.
  5. To help the youth to be self-reliant.
  6. To train adults and youth on employability skills.